Programming is it difficult?

I love to learn, and so go on attending online courses at Coursera (For some strange reason I enjoy Coursera more than Edx!!)
In a course I am doing, there was an essay we were supposed to write, about why programming is difficult? 
Well, I want to give an honest answer! So here it comes.
I was first introduced to programming in the year 1993 during my second year of under-graduate course, and the first language I learned was FORTRAN 77. For me it was love at first sight. I cannot remember a single moment when I felt programming is difficult. Those were the days of sequential programming, DOS operating system and a specialized air-conditioned computer lab in the college. There was no internet, no emails, no android!!
I remember my friends struggling with programming, trying to mug up programs!!! But for me, from day one it was like me and computer understand each other. I know how to tell ‘him’ to do the work I want, and ‘he’ always obeys. I always had belief that if a program can be made, just give  me enough time and I can make it. A belief which even now holds true.
Next year, i.e., 1994 I was introduced to the concept of neural networks, and I enjoyed learning about them even more. It was as if neural networks will put life into my little computer and we will be best buddy’s. Though it was not necessary, I tried and implemented all neural network models taught to us in class. It was pure fun. Even today, if I get a programming problem, and is able to take out time from my schedule, I stay awake on nights and code it. 
In last many years I learned various other programming languages, even specialized program Applications, but there have been none that I felt I cannot learn. Learning new software skill always gives me the thrill of an adventure game. 
After telling about myself, it is still important for me to try and answer this question, why programming is difficult for many. From my interaction with my friends and students, the reason for this could be:

  1. People tend to forget that computer does not know a thing, we have to tell it everything.
  2. All variables which we are using should be defined before they are used: a common mistake most make.
  3. And to understand if the logic you have written is what computer is understanding, it is best that we run the code manually one statement at a time, comparing results both manually and computationally: a step most forget perhaps due to sheer laziness. This becomes even more important when there are conditional statements or loops.
  4. And yes secret of good programming is always good indentation and proper commenting. Again something which programmers in their early life do not give any importance to.

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  1. One of the reasons, some people find programming difficult is the phobia created in schools through their computer course. Take a look at 8th and 9th grade computer books and you will understand. Its too technical for that age. Some of the things mentioned in the book are difficult for students to comprehend. They should emphasize on problem solving rather than technical knowledge.
    Programing is all about individual's analytical skill and logical decoding of the problem as you have mentioned in your post.
    the secret of success is logically looking at the problem before coding.


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