Deep Blue: A review

Image Source: Paper: Deep Blue Authors: Murray Campbell, A Joseph Hoane Jr, feng-hsiung Hsu Introduction: Deep Blue was the chess machine (it is a powerful combination of hardware and software) developed by IBM. The machine became important in the field of AI because it was able to defeat the then World class Chess champion …

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Valentine’s Day Card Using Python

Love is in the air, what better way to wish your loved ones, then to write a code which draws a unique Valentine’s Day Card especially for them. The card imports turtle to draw hearts at random positions on the canvas: You can get the code from: github

Computer History Museum – A visit

As a child, I used to imagine that when I grow up I will work in a bookstore. I will sell books and in spare time read all the books. Whenever I get a chance to visit a big bookstore or Library, I feel as If I have entered heaven, my spine is thrilled with …

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Ghost of FYUP

The only B.Tech batch of DU, the so enrolled FYUP (2013-2017) now has another hurdle: the oneyear research project. The project work is spread in both VII and VIII semesters, and carries in total 300 marks out of total of 1200. Ideally, the students should get time slots in the labs to do their work, …

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Solving Differential Equations:One step Methods

A lot of problems in science and engineering involve solving differential equations pendulums, RLC circuits, diffusion and so on. An ordinary differential equation can be expressed as:  Generally solution of this equation is of the form: Here ‘phi‘ is the increment function or slope and h is the step size.  Thus, an estimate of slope is …

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Separate Axis Theorem

Introduction Separate Axis Theorem (SAT) is a method to determine whether two convex shapes are intersecting or not. The theorem states that, “Given two convex shapes there exists a line onto which their projections will be separate if and only if they are not intersecting”.  It is the most commonly used method for collision detection.  …

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